Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm...Dreaming...Of A...Handmade...Christmas

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  My life has been astoundingly boring and craftless due to Pita Pocket's recent love of waking every 2 hours to nurse at night.  He must be stopped

Ok, so there's been a teeny bit of crafting going on here.  I finished my first rag rug for the kitchen.  It's crocheted out of t-shirt strips, using this most awesome tutorial.  One down, one to go:


I decided recently to change up my kitchen a bit.  Hence, new rugs - and embroidering the most kitchsy little bee tea towels in the world for the wall.  Err...I haven't embroidered the towels yet, but they're on the list.  Who can resist bees telling you to "Bee Tidy?" 

Speaking of lists, I've started the Christmas lists for our herd.  I'm trying to be good, and realistic by reminding myself that I can't make a bazillion things for each kiddo for the holidays.  My plan is to give a lot of business to the good people of Etsy.  So here's what I think I can actually finish by Dec. 24th:

Boba:  Crap.  No idea.  What the hell do you make for a 13-year-old boy?

Bean:  Embroidered purse, Black Apple Doll

Short Pants:  Waldorf doll (this kit) - ordered and on its way, bedding/quilt for a doll cradle that The Mister is making

Pita Pocket:   Kid-sized Quilt (fabric ordered and on its way), Waldorf doll (this kit) - ordered and on its way

Hopefully I'll come up with a couple of good ideas for Boba soon.  Help!

Looking at my Christmas list reminds me of the other stuff that is on my, well, other list.  You know - that huge list of crap that I keep buying supplies for and not starting/finishing?  Yeah...that one.

List o' Crap:

1 more kitchen rug

Bee towels for kitchen

Felt banner for Short Pants's room

King's crown for dress-up box (part of Short Pant's birthday gift - October)

Fall pants for little boys

Stenciled t-shirts for little boys and medium-size girl

Birthday gifts for niece and nephew (Sept./Oct.)

*shuts eyes*

I refuse to look at the lists anymore.  Everything will get done....right?

In non-listy news, my big kiddos started back to school last week.  We were able to take a trip to a nearby zoo before the big bad event, accompanied by my sister and one of her daughters.  My niece likes to hug.  Short Pants doesn't, at least not under duress.  Here he is trying to escape her loving clutches.  How could he not want to hug that pig-tailed cutie?:


Bean had me take her picture posing inside of a giant snake statue?  sculpture?  I dunno, but here she is, clearly afraid of being eaten:


I also manged to get a rare photo of Boba last week.  I was clever and waited till his hands were too doughy to cover his face.  Please notice the baby feet and kangaroo in the foreground.  They add something, don't they?:



Sarah said...

Totally cute rug, I've been planning on making a rag rug for my kitchen that I am currently redecorating as well. I have plans to embroider towels out of the Krazy Kitchen pattern from Sublime Stitching.
We are currently planning for Christmas as well, although my list is huge and I'm still dillusional thinking I will get it all done ;)

Nicole said...

Oh, I love Sublime Stitching! Make sure to share your towels when you're done!