Monday, October 27, 2008

More Treats, Less Tricks

We had a super busy yet super fun weekend.  First up was the haunted campground event hosted by our town park.  Campers decorate their campsites with spooky decorations and hand out candy, and there's also a "haunted trail."  Bean made it only halfway through last year; this year she played it safe and didn't go through at all.  Here are my little spooks all dressed up for the candy fest:


Cute baby bee shot, just because:


Yes, dammit - I'm aware of the flash showing in the TV screen. 

Short Pants started the night out as a nose-picking pirate:


Boba Fett scared him into picking his nose in private (we hope this continues):


While our woodland fairy danced around spreading sunshine or whatever woodland fairies spread:


That night found me finishing up some sewing, as I'd promised my sister a fundraiser item.  She and her husband are hosting what sounds to be a HUGE fundraising event for a friend of their's recently diagnosed with cancer.  Please keep this young mom and her family in your thoughts; she has 3 small children.  Hopefully this basket of felt goodies will bring in a few bucks:


The tiger-tail is definately my favorite:


There were a few more treats on Sunday - those of the cupcake kind.  You have to love a boy who wants a pirate party with pink cupcakes:


We had a bit of family and a whole bunch of friends come out to spend the afternoon celebrating Short Pant's birthday.  The weather was a gorgeous almost 70 degrees, so the littles had great fun running around the yard and bouncing like monkeys on the trampoline:


Tonight begins my Christmas crafting.  Yeah, I know - I started planning and ordering in August, it's almost November and I still haven't started.  *whimper*

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hot Off The Fingers

Hooray!  I've finally finished my poor niece's long overdue birthday gift.  Sis suggested some things for my niece's baby dolls, so I decided to make her a little mama diaper bag:


The bag is just one that I purchased at the craft store and added a muslin embroidery piece to.  The graphics are from Sublime Stitching:


Inside the bag is an assortment of baby care items any little mama would love (I hope) - 3 flannel diapers, 3 flannel wipes, 2 burp towels, a blanket, and a changing pad.  I sewed everything but the diapers because velcro friggin' hates me.  After getting a diaper completely cut out and sewn and screwing up the velcro not once, but TWO times, I decided to make it easy on myself and order some from this great little etsy shop (guess where my niece's Christmas gift is coming from as well!). Maybe by then I will have mastered velcro and can include some diapers actually sewn by me:



Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fit For A (3-year-old) King

In case you couldn't guess, the pumkiny project was a birthday crown for the new and improved 3-year-old (today!!) Short Pants:


I took the picture above in the approximately 3 seconds today that he actually wore his birthday crown.  Believe me, there is no greater satisfaction than hand-stitching a special item for your child only to have him shun it completely.  Maybe next year.

I do seriously love this crown, though.  It's the first project in a long time that I've felt 100% great about.  yay me!  Everything is hand-sewn except for the elastic at the back.  It was so much fun that I'm already planning ones for the rest of the kids.  Lucky me, we also have winter and spring birthdays!




I also machine sewed a king's crown to go with some of the dress-up clothes that we got Short Pants for his birthday:



Both crowns were made using this step-by-step tutorial. Once again, I'm so thankful that there are much more talented people than me on the net!

Happy Birthday, my beautiful boy.  I love you.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's Pumpkin Time

Bean and Boba were out of school Friday due to fall break, so we decided to spend the morning at our local u-pick farm's pumpkin patch.  Happiness is being reminded why you're so crazy in love with your kids:






After we got home, Bean and I decided to make some biscuits so that we could try out the pumpkin and apple butters that we'd bought.  Short Pants, of course, decided that no one was baking without his help:



Lest you think start thinking that this post reeks of Put Together Person due to the lovely outing and baking-from-scratch-children, be reassured by the fact that the rest of us thought we were going to lose our minds before Short Pants finally picked a pumpkin -it's only fun for so long, folks.  Oh, and the baking?  He and Bean argued almost the whole time - "It's my turn to stir!  No, it's my turn!"  See?  We've always got the Scruffy Person jive going on here.

Though, I am working on my own little pumpkiny project that's going along quite well so far....


Any guesses?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Adventures In Cooking

The older I get, the more I realize that my mother's cooking really sucked.

No, seriously - it really sucked. 

I remember spaghetti from the Chef Boyardee box meal, cubed steaks so tough you could barely chew them, and worst of all - tasteless, fat-laden hamburgers.  Oh, those horrible hamburgers.  On white bread.  At least once a week.  The memory has haunted me to such an extent that this year (meaning 17 years after I stopped having to eat those hamburgers) was the first time that I cooked hamburgers for my family.  What do ya know?  Add some onion, garlic, salt, pepper, and paprika, and hamburgers aren't too bad.  Obviously a similar idea never occurred to my mother.  Forget pasta, forget fresh veggies (except potatoes - there were always tasteless mashed potatoes to be had), forget big yummy salads, forget fresh fruit.

Along with the realization that my mother's cooking sucked, I've also come to realize that no one ever taught me how to cook.  I'm not talking about opening a box and throwing something in the microwave; I'm talking about actual from scratch cooking.  Slowly but surely I'm coming along, but I won't hesitate to admit that my favorite is from scratch baking

Today Short Pants and I decided to tackle homemade cinnamon rolls.  Inspired by this post over at Frontier Dreams, I've decided to try and bake with some combination of child or children at least once a week.  All of the kids (ok, not Pita Pocket just yet) and I sometimes cook together, but I'm hoping that having a designated day for it will be of some help:




Umm, yum!!:


My boy thought so too:


Speaking of boys - instead of a trumpet player, I now have a baritone player:


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Give A Hoot

Don't pollute the world with ugly hats, yo. 

My almost-baldy has a new hat, just in time for the 86 degree weather today:


What makes the hat extra cool is the wool felt owl, if I do say so myself:


It's a bit big, which is to be expected because golly gee...I made it and I can't make something perfectly to save my life.  Remember my post...the one down below - where I wagered that I'd eff-up the hat?  Uh yeah, it happened.  This is actually the second hat.  The first one was abandoned halfway through once I figured out it was big enough to fit a teenager.  This one is still really bothering me, though.  I'm trying to talk myself into not making a third hat.  It actually fits ok I guess once it's tied:


Of course, it's a wee bit stretched out due to Short Pants trying to cram it on his own big old head all week.  He's convinced it's a firefighter helmet, and the ear flaps are microphones.  Don't worry; he'll be  getting his own too big/firefighter/owl hat soon enough. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

To Be Continued

I was all set to type out a nice little post showing some of the handmade items that I've recently purchased.  Being that I'm so uncrafty lately I thought I'd attempt to keep up the ruse of this being a craft blog by posting stuff other people have made. 

But then I returned to my real life.  The life where you're all set to type out a nice little post only to find that one of the spawn you've spawned has made off with your camera cord.  Short Pants seems to have no recollection as to where the cord could be.  His suggestions so far have been:

1.  It's in the desk drawer- umm, no it's not - that's where it should be, though

2It's in Pita Pocket's crib - !!!!!!

3. It's under your bed - no, wrong again

4.  And lastly, a suggestion - use Boba's I-Pod cord instead - nice try

When asked why he took it, his answer was, "Because I needed it" - I do too!

Please God, don't let my missing camera cord be the reason that the toilet has been acting up for the last few days

*heavy sigh*

Saturday, October 4, 2008


My children are growing up far too fast.  Could someone please tell them to slow up a bit?

Boba is using power equipment without cutting fingers off, resulting in cool items like an X-Box holder:


(urgh...just noticed that the above is not a very good picture - my child actually looks like he's stoned!)

Bean has "flown up" to Jr. Girl Scouts:


Short Pants, thanks to a spiffy new bath hat, lets us wash his hair every once in awhile without screaming loud enough to be heard 4 counties away:


And Pita Pocket has started sitting up for short periods *sniff*:


Even my dining-room-to-be is gettin' in on the changing game.  Note the progress:



Actually, progress on the dining-room-to be will be suspended for a bit.  The Mister's etsy business is starting to pick up as the holidays close in, so he'll be concentrating on that more for awhile.  He just got a very nice write-up on a natural toy blog, so we're expecting that to bring in a bit more business as well.  Way to go, The Mister!

Even the seasons are changing.  We've got those crisp, chilly mornings that give way to glorious afternoons going on.  You know what that means, right?  It's time to pick apples (we went last weekend to a local u-pick farm) and freeze them up for apple pies this winter:


And it's also time to crochet up a quick hat for my almost-bald-boy:


Many thanks for the lovely comments on my last post.  I hope all of my readers find time to embrace their inner Scruffy Person this weekend.  I don't have to embrace my inner Scruffy Person, 'cause as you know, my Scruffy Person is on the outside - hanging out for all to see.  I'd almost bet that I'm gonna f-up that damn baby hat before the day is out.  :)