Monday, June 29, 2009

Back In The Saddle Again

The garden hasn't seen much action in the last few weeks thanks to the insane heat coupled with near record amounts of rainfall.  It's been like living in some kind of crazy midwest tropical rainforest.  I've scuttled out a few times to check on things, but the last two nights were the first chances I've had to really work in the garden for awhile.  I was able to mulch the entire herb garden with compost from our own pile (YAY!!), pull out all the old pea vines, and plant 4 new tomatoes.  Oh, and weed.  Don't forget - weed weed weed weed weed.  I'm so glad the plants are getting large enough now that soon I'll be able to kiss that loathsome chore goodbye for the most part.

Here's a few long shots of the garden.  I'm really pleased with it so far this year:

June09 448 

June09 449 

Notice the ever-present garden helper doing some watering:

June09 457 

Cropped out of this shot are the 4 new tomato plants.  I committed the gardening sin of planting them and then forgetting to water them.  Let's just say they were...err...a bit droopy:

June09 453 

Short Pants is thrilled that he'll be picking his first tomato very soon.  He's been eagerly watching the color changes:

June09 447 

He's also been watching our new pumpkins very closely.  I can't wait till Pita Pocket is big enough to get excited over this stuff too:

June09 450

He's also taken it upon himself to check the flowers in the shade garden every afternoon to see how many have opened up:

June09 459

And very soon we'll all be eating squash:

June09 451 

Some zucchini:

June09 452 

And even green beans:

June09 456


Katie said...

Your garden looks fantastic...unlike mine which has been sadly ignored this year! I love the quilt and think it might be added to the giant list of projects which I keep in my head :-) Hope you have managed to sort out some of your stresses, just remember that all things will pass (or that's what I tell myself anyway!). Good thoughts are being sent, along with a small bit of envy for your garden.

One Hook Wonder said...

Thanks Katie!