Monday, May 9, 2011

Montessori Monday

We did our learning outside of the classroom this week for 2 reasons:

1.  It was actually sunny instead of rainy

2.  SOMEONE (I'm not naming names, but he is short and has brown hair) left the water on in the sink, which overflowed and flooded not only the bathroom, but also went through the floor and soaked the basement below.  Our classroom had to be put to use laying and drying our numerous wet items...grrr.  Luckily everything was fine - just wet!

Short Pants is still asking to learn about weather, so last week we did a fun experiment - tornado in a jar.  By using clear liquid soap, water, and vinegar we were able to create a very visable little funnel cloud:

Both boys loved this.  My arms got a workout as they asked me to shake it over and over again every day!  Short Pants has not quite been able to swirl it hard enough on his own yet but has been practicing:

We also went to the library and brought home lots of books about weather, including this gem:  On the Same Day in March.  This is such a fabulous book - do check it out!  Not only did we read the book and enjoy the descriptions of the different weather all over the world, but it was also fun using our globe to locate the different cities.

We installed a new rain guage on our front deck (the one in our yard got broken) and Short Pants has enjoyed learning how to read it.  He's also been working on graphing the loads of rain we've gotten in the last week!

We also been working on reciting our new May poem after we do our calendar every morning.  It's a bit longer than our last, but since we've been working in our garden so much it  just seemed perfect.  You can find it here:

Both of the boys also enjoyed cutting paper with my scrapbooking tool.  There were lots of little bits to pick up later!

The boys also helped me plant basil, green beans, marigolds, and tomatoes this week.  They were also very excited to help identify a bird we'd never seen before at our feeder - a rose-breasted grosbeak. 

They also enjoyed building a bat house from scratch with Daddy:

Sculpting with clay and then painting their sculptures:

And making bean and seed mosiacs.  Unfortunately this did not end well as someone (again, not naming names but he's short with brown hair) stuffed a kernel of indian corn so far up his nose that a trip to Urgent Care was required to get it out!  I couldn't get too upset; out of 4 kids he's the first to ever do anything like that.  But...I might have to ban him from mosiacs for awhile:

Our art museum has a special exhibit of Impressionist landscapes that are getting ready to move on, so we also enjoyed learning about Impressionism last week and admired Monet's paintings using these cards from Montessori for Everyone.  Then it was off to the museum to see the paintings!  Cameras were not allowed within the exhibit, but I did snap this shot before we went in - Pita couldn't decide if he wanted in the picture or not:

Short Pants was very excited to find two works from Monet, as well as another exhibit featuring photographs of his gardens at Giverny.  We had talked at great length about how much Monet loved his garden and how inspired he was by its beauty.  Next week we'll continue to study Impressionism and set up our easel outside to paint "en plein air."

After the Impressionist exhibit we had some fun in the children's section.

Watercolor painting - Short Pants said, "I'm using quick brush strokes like an Impressionist!"

Building with all types of blocks:

Dancing with crazy lights (you can see me on the left taking this picture!):

We stopped on our way in/out to admire a few sculptures.  Short Pants has been very interested in sculptures lately, which was why we also worked with the clay this week:

If you did some Montessori lessons with your kiddo(s) last week, please link up below.  Please also make sure to either place the Montessori Monday button from the sidebar in your post or put a link back to this blog in your post - that way all of your readers can see everyone else's lessons.  Thanks for reading and participating!


Zelda said...

Don't worry my 2yo decided to stick a bead in her ear - it was so deep they had to operate to remove it :(
She is also the only one I've had a problem with so I think the ratio has to be 1 in 4 which is odds I'm prepared to live with.

Love the tornado in a jar idea and may have to borrow it for our weather unit.

Joy said...

Love all the weather work, especially the tornado and the rain chart.

Montessori For Learning said...

These are such lovely activities. They are so peaceful and engaging. Thanks so much for sharing them.

Nicole said...

Zelda - odds you're prepared to live with - LOL

I'm glad everyone likes the tornado - that website is so helpful. :)

Karen said...

Love your different week!! see...everything have a purpose!! Love the building class!!! Big Hugs!!