Friday, May 13, 2011

Outdoor Hour Challenge - Spring Tree Study

Hooray hooray!  The rain finally lifted long enough for us to do another challenge.  For the spring tree study we were to pick a tree that we plan to observe in all 4 seasons of the year.  After a bit of deliberation, the littles and I picked a young tulip tree just on our property line.  The tree popped up after we moved here, and it's been fun to watch it grow taller each year.  If memory serves correctly, it's about 5 years old.

First up was measuring the diameter of the tree:

Next up was measuring how tall it was - here was the advantage of picking a young tree!

17 feet 8 inches:

Then we looked at the tree carefully, noting the shape of its leaves and the texture and color of its bark:

Then we sat down to  journal.  Both Short Pants and I chose to do leaf rubbings on our journal page, and he also collected a few leaves to press:

Pita Pocket discovered that with the help of the property line post he could do a bit of climbing.  One of the proudest moments in his young life has to be the day he finally grew tall enough to climb the pine tree in front of our house!

After we were done journaling we took a walk through the section of our woods that we haven't mowed a path through yet.  Short Pants was very excited to find a deer trail that we followed almost all the way through.  We also looked for wildflowers we hadn't yet seen since wildflowers are our current nature focus.  We found a few new ones and added them to our list, which brings us up to 23 different types of wildflowers that we've seen and identified so far this spring! 

For more information on outdoor hour challenges, go to Handbook of Nature Study

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Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

23 wildflowers! Excellent work!

I love the tree you chose for your study and I know you are going to enjoy watching it over the next year. We did the same kind of tree last year for our study and it is amazing in its changes.

Thank you so much for sharing your entry with the OHC.

Nicole said...

Thanks Barb! We're very excited to see how the tree changes. :)

Zonnah said...

I love the climbing pictures :)