Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our Fall Nature Table And The Waldorf Swap

First up, our fall nature table:

So much lovely fall goodness!  We have everything from acorns and walnuts to a shedded snake skin that Peter found.  If you look closely, you can also see that we have some beautiful handmade items:

Most of those items came from the fall waldorf swap that I recently hosted.  I thought nothing could top the summer swap, but obviously I was wrong!

I had to snap these photos fast because Sammy and Peter nabbed many of the swap items as playthings.  What you don't see on our nature table is being thoroughly enjoyed in their room or slept with each night.  ;)

Jackie made the lovely wooden boat and wool flower
Katie made the cutest knitted hedgehogs EVER
Panaena created those adorable apple and pumpkin gnomes you see
Anastasia made the leaf fairies for hanging on the far right
Amy crafted the sweet leaf fairies in the middle
Rejoyce sewed the friendly leaf sprite on the far left
Julie made wee pumpkin-belly gnomes
Christy sewed oh-sew-sweet owls
Kat needlefelted beautiful pumpkins like the one on the boat
Kelley dyed gorgeous playsilks in fall colors
Ashley painted fun wooden globes
Fiona needlefelted fabulous pumpkins like those behind the mushrooms
I painted mushroom "families" in seasonal colors

Thank you so much to all of the swap participants.  This was such a fun swap to run - opening up all the packages was perhaps even better than Christmas!

Speaking of upcoming winter holidays...I suppose it's time to look ahead to the Winter Waldorf Swap!  Make sure to check back tomorrow and nab your spot for that one.  ;)


Julie said...

Everything was just wonderful! I didn't get any pictures at all because my girls whisked everything away just as soon as each thing was brought out of the box,

ellieandoliver said...

I loved everything in the package - thank you so much for hosting it and to everyone for taking time to make and share such wonderful things!

wordplayhouse® said...

What lovely autumn Waldorf crafts your friends created for the swap. I do imagine how joyful it was to receive all these handmade creations.

Thank you for hosting my link on your Monday Montessori. I placed your link on my 'featured websites' page: http://www.wordplayhouse.com/featured-on-websites.html
Thanks so much, One Hook Wonder.

Kylie said...

wow what a great package. I love the tiered shelf you are using on your nature table too.